From This Week’s Bulletin

  • Join us Wednesday at 7 for Bible Study.  We’re continuing a new study of the books of Philippians, Ephesians, and Colossians.
  • October 4th at the Senior Building at 5:30 a 6 week class on diabetes will begin, taught by Sandra Cole.  See Phyllis W for all the details.
  • Old Fashioned Day is October 23rd!
  • The BEBA Annual Meeting is October 27th from 1-5 pm followed by dinner at the First Baptist Church of Wartburg.
  • Donna S needs empty cereal boxes for a project with the children.  Save you boxes and let her have them if you would.  And thanks!!!

What We Take For Granted and Ignore, Our Ancestors Died to Own, Literally

“John Wycliffe’s bones were dug up – and burned. Wycliffe’s writings were gathered up – and burned. All unauthorized Bibles – that is, all those in the English language – were banned. All confiscated copies were burned. Those who copied out these Bibles were imprisoned. Those who distributed these Bibles were imprisoned. Those who owned an English Bible, or, as has been documented, “traded a cart‐load of hay for but a few pages of the Gospel”, were imprisoned. And those faithful souls who refused to “repent” the “evil” that they had committed, were burned at the stake, the “noxious” books that they had penned, or even had merely owned, hung about their necks to be consumed by the very same flames. In all, thousands were imprisoned, and many hundreds executed. Merry olde England was engulfed in a reign of terror. All because of an English Bible. This Bible.”

Read your Bible.  Your ancestors would have died to have just a few pages of one.

Quote of the Day

Prize and study the Scripture. We can have no delight in meditation on him unless we know him, and we cannot know him but by the means of his own revelation. When the revelation is despised, the revealer will be of little esteem. Men do not throw off God from being their rule till they throw off Scripture from being their guide; and God must needs be cast off from being an end when the Scripture is rejected from being a rule.  — Stephen Charnock