Is the first Sunday in the new Church Year.  Come be with us for Sunday School at 10.  We have classes for every age.  Mike and Sandra D. are now teaching the young people’s class; Doris has new help in the children’s class; Larry’s class has a new co-teacher, and Josh P. is the newly elected Superintendent.  Vicki and Judy and Steve and Lisa and Greg are still taking their students through Scripture in a trustworthy way.

We encourage you to come and bring everyone in your family.


We will continue our study of Hebrews.  Come along and be with us.

Does John Hagee Know When the End will Come, And Is There Anything Biblical About the ‘Blood Moon’ Hype?

In a word,


So don’t fret.  Even if your less than informed about the Bible neighbors are.

Some Wonderful Young People

I love these kids and I’ve loved teaching their class.  I’m looking forward to my new venture and also thrilled that they will have the super Mike and Sandra to lead their class now.


Quote of the Day

Till we serve God we are idlers. However busy we may be we do nothing till we live for God. – Spurgeon


Tomorrow is our Fellowship Meal after the evening service.  Come, bring a covered dish, and spend some time with your church family.

Signs of the Times


Being Thankful

Ten lepers felt the Saviour’s power
And straightway were restored,
But only one of ten returned
To bless the healing Lord.

So all among the sons of men,
His bounteous gifts obtain,
But few return with thankful love
To bless the Lord again.

Lord, let me not ungrateful prove,
For this were deepest shame,
But teach me how with all my heart
To magnify thy name. – Spurgeon

Study of Scripture Matters

There is I confess, some difficulty in the scriptures.  But that difficulty may easily be helped by study, diligence, faith, and the means of skillful interpreters. I know that the apostle Peter says in the epistles of Paul “many things are hard to be understood” but immediately he adds, “which the unlearned, and those that are imperfect, or unstable, pervert, as they do the other scriptures also, unto their own destruction.” Whereby we gather that the scripture is difficult or obscure to the unlearned, unskillful, unexercised, and malicious or corrupted wills, and not to the zealous and godly readers or hearers thereof.  – Heinrich Bullinger

Quote of the Day

An army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. ~ Ghanaian proverb

Prayer Request

Please remember Salina H. today.

Our New Bible Study on Wednesday Night

Tomorrow we begin a study of the Book of Hebrews.  Come join us at 7.

Petros Fall Festival

Quote of the Day

Truth is truth, and error, error, and that which is unlawful is unlawful, whether men think so or not – Richard Sibbes


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