This Sunday we celebrate Homecoming.  Join us at 10:15 for our Gospel Music time and at 11 for Worship.  After the service we’ll meet downstairs and have lunch together.  Bring the family and stay for everything.

You’ll notice that below is a photo of our church.  The areas marked 1,2,3, and 4 are our parking areas.  #2 is the grass lot across the street and we are asking that if you don’t mind and you are one of our ‘Home folk’, you consider parking there to free up the other spots for visitors and returning members.

We’ll have someone at the lot to help with parking since there are no spaces marked.  What we’d like to do is have two rows of vehicles- one next to the creek, parked facing it, and the other parked next to the road, facing it.  This will leave plenty of space between those two rows for people to come and go.

Thanks so much and we’ll see you Sunday!


True Friendship

True friendship is never having to say ‘hi, how are you?’ first, always.   If your ‘friends’ never have time for you whilst you regularly have time for them, they aren’t true friends.  They are, at best, acquaintances. True friends are rare.

As True Now as Then

“For they are a rebellious people, deceitful children, children unwilling to hear the Lord’s instruction. They say to the seers, ‘Don’t see visions,’ and to the prophets, ‘Don’t give us visions of what is right! Instead, tell us welcome things, prophesy illusions, get out of the way, turn aside from the path, and stop confronting us with the Holy One of Israel.” (Is 30:9-11)

It’s what the people want- God, out of the way so they can do whatever they wish. It’s as true now as it was in Isaiah’s day.

Arrangements for Mary Davis

The family and friends of Mary who wish to will meet at Schuberts around 1:30 and from there will leave at 2 to arrive at the cemetery.  The graveside service will follow upon arrival.

There will be no ‘receiving of friends’ in the usual sense or funeral service- there will simply be a graveside service.

From her obituary-

Mary Long Davis, age 86 passed away Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at Methodist Medical Center. She was a member of Petros Methodist church but attended and loved her Sunday School Class at Petros Baptist Church. She was a member of the Sunrise Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star; Order of the Amaranth of Crown Point, IN; Aretas Temple Daughter of the Nile of Michigan City, IN; F C E Club of Petros and Petros Senior Citizens Club.