Countdown to Homecoming

There are only a few days till Homecoming.  Here are some of our family who have gone home to be with the Lord.  They remind me of two things: that we should treasure the time we have together and never miss an opportunity to be together; and, one day, what a Homecoming we’ll have!

Countdown to Homecoming!

We’re just four days out from Homecoming 2016.  We celebrate our 120th year of ministry in the community this year!  Come at 10:15 and stay till lunch is over.  You’ll have a great experience of worship and fellowship.

Here are a few more photos from the past.

A Note of Thanks

Many thanks to Austinn and Greg- they spent most of the day Saturday pressure washing the church exterior and sidewalk.  You’ll notice the improvement when you arrive Sunday for worship.


Please remember that Homecoming is next Sunday, May 29th.  Because we’ll be occupying all our cooks next week, we will NOT have our fellowship meal this Sunday (the 22nd) after the evening service.

Bring plenty of food on Homecoming!   We’ll need it.