Become a Member

There are essentially three ways to become a member of Petros Baptist Church:

1- Receive Christ and receive baptism, thereby uniting with our Church.  This is how most persons join any Baptist Church.  Having invited Christ into their heart, they ask the Church for Baptism and when baptized they become members of the Church, and remain members until they move their letter to another Baptist Church of similar faith and practice.

2- Join by letter from another Baptist Church.  If you belong to another Southern Baptist Church but would like to join with us, simply let us know and we will request your letter from the church where your membership resides and you will become a member of PBC.

3- Join by profession of faith and confession of believer’s baptism.  If you have received Christ and been baptized by immersion in another Church (not Southern Baptist) you can join by profession of faith.  We only transfer letters from other Southern Baptist churches (as has been the custom of SBC churches since they were established).

If you would like to join, all you need to do is come to the altar at the invitation of any service and let your request be made known.   And if you have any questions, just call the Pastor.

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