Overnight: And Our Snow Policy- A Reminder

First, let me point out that overnight we had a bit of snow fall here- an inch as I measured it. And second, let me remind one and all that our snow policy is quite simple- we don’t cancel services.  If members and visitors feel comfortable getting out- we will be here at the regular service time.  If not, that’s up to each one.  Enjoy the day (and the snow, if you like such things).

p2260001.jpg p2260002.jpg


Speaking of Baptist History

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the most important Baptist Confessions of Faith since the beginning of the denomination, you can always pick up a collection of them for a great price by a brilliant theologian. Just click here– and get one for all your friends! 😉


Baptists At 400

The year 2009 is the 400th Anniversary of the establishment of Baptist Christianity. The whole year will aim at celebrating Baptist work around the world and Baptist’s contributions to the larger Church. And it’s all kicking off where it all began- in Amsterdam. Christian Today reports

Preparations are already underway for celebrations in 2009 to mark 400 years of the world Baptist movement, which organisers are stressing will not only look at the achievements of the past, but also set out the vision that will ensure the movement’s successful stride into the future.

Four hundred years have passed since the movement’s founding fathers – refugees from England – gathered in the backroom of an Amsterdam bakery in 1609 to read the Bible together. That small gathering became the first Baptist-minded congregation and the European Baptist Federation (EBF) anticipates that 1,700 Baptists from across Europe alone will turn out from 24 to 26 July 2009 to celebrate the occasion, slated “Amsterdam 400”.

If you want to be one of the lucky few- make plans now. And if you can’t go all the way to Amsterdam, don’t worry, there will be lots of opportunities around the globe.

When The Name Doesn’t Match the Behavior

The Pastor of ‘Peace Baptist Church’ was stabbed 3 times after a meeting of the Church- which has been embroiled for months in controversy. The Post Tribune reports

The pastor of a church embroiled in a months-long public controversy was stabbed three times Thursday night as he left a meeting with members of his Peace Baptist Church. Marty L. Henderson, 50, suffered cuts to his arm, leg and abdomen after a church member from the opposing faction demanded Henderson shake his hand, the police report states.

Yikes! Now that’s a person unfamiliar with both the meaning of the word ‘peace’ and the way that differences should be settled when they arise in the community of faith.

Lynell Sartin, 66, allegedly punched the pastor and stabbed him with a folding knife, the report states.

Now that’s a lot of rage- and self centeredness.

Henderson is being challenged by some of his members over control of church assets. Several deacons are suing Henderson and other deacons.

Alas, another congregation that can’t get along- because of money. The love of money really is the root of all evil.

It’s Important To Be Careful When Writing…

Or you can print something remarkably uncharitable! Like these folk did.


Just so you know, it’s supposed to be “Church of Christ” and not “Church of Satan”.

The Big Emory Baptist Association Website

Has been totally revamped and updated- and will continue to be with new information and announcements of interest to churches and members in the Association.  Check it out at this web address.

Union University is Receiving Help From Across the State

Today’s Baptist and Reflector has a number of essays concerning Union University and the outpouring of help they are receiving from across the State.  The Executive Board and state entities have sent aid, as has Belmont University, and Carson-Newman College.  If you would like to help, even in a small way, every effort is appreciated.  Visit here for how to do so.

From The Historical Committee Meeting

I’ve returned from Brentwood where I attended the meeting of the Historical Committee of the Tennessee Baptist Convention.  It was a great meeting and while I was there I wandered around the Convention building and snapped some photos.  The Convention will be relocating, in the next few years, to its new location in new facilities.  So these photos will themselves one day be ‘historical’.   As always, click to enlarge.


My room

534604-r1-02-23a_003.jpg 534604-r1-03-22a_004.jpg 534604-r1-04-21a_005.jpg

The Convention Outside and In

534604-r1-05-20a_006.jpg 534604-r1-06-19a_007.jpg 534604-r1-10-15a_011.jpg 534604-r1-11-14a_012.jpg

534604-r1-13-12a_014.jpg 534604-r1-14-11a_015.jpg

And the Ladies who Really are in Charge!


Our Committee Chairman (who rotated off this year)

534604-r1-20-5a_021.jpg 534604-r1-21-4a_022.jpg534604-r1-23-2a_024.jpg 

The Editor of the Baptist & Reflector, Lonnie Wilkey


The office of the WMU


The Fastest Growing ‘Church’: Jehovah’s Winesses

Ethics Daily is reporting

Jehovah’s Witnesses are the fastest-growing church body in the U.S. and Canada, now with more than 1 million members, according to new figures that track church membership in the U.S. and Canada. Although Jehovah’s Witnesses ranked 24th on the list of 25 largest churches, they reported the largest growth rate–2.25 percent–of all churches. The badly divided Episcopal Church, meanwhile, reported the largest drop, at 4.15 percent.


The Roman Catholic Church, with 67.5 million members, remains the largest U.S. church body, with a 2006 increase of 0.87 percent. The second largest church, the Southern Baptist Convention (16.3 million) has more than twice the number of members as the United Methodist Church, the third largest, which documented 7.9 million U.S. members.


Only the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Catholic Church, Southern Baptists, Mormons, the Assemblies of God (2.8 million) and the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (1.4 million) reported increases; all others either posted declines or flat membership from 2005.

Christianity in America is in serious trouble. It will soon resemble European Christianity, which is to say- marginalized and irrelevant.

The Tournament

Our boys played a remarkable game- forcing it into overtime even after having been behind for a good part of the second half.  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to pull out the win.  Still, we are awfully proud of them and would remind them that 2nd in the entire State in their division is remarkable indeed and further than any team from the school before them has gone.  So heads high!  Here are some photos from the game.  Click to enlarge.

 p2160001.jpg p2160002.jpg

Relaxing before the game






The Award Ceremony Team Photo

Congratulations again, boys, for an excellent season.

Union University Update

Read the President of Union University’s latest public statement- issued yesterday- here.  If you haven’t contributed to the recovery fund you can still do so.

Congratulations, P-J Boys

The boys team from P-J won their game last night, which means they play today at 4:15 at Pigeon Forge Middle School for the State Title in their division.  Congratulations, boys!

More From Union University

I mention this because in our media saturated generation it’s too easy to push off onto the back burner issues of importance. The Tennessee Baptist Convention state paper, the Baptist and Reflector, has a series of essays concerning the situation at Union and the overwhelming response the community has received. If you are so inclined, give them a read.

Association News

The following Churches in our Association are now without Pastors:

Chapman Grove
Coal Hill
Kingston First
Laurel Bluff
Middle Creek
Orchard View
South Harriman
Wartburg First

Union University Update

There are still four young people from Union U. in the hospital- Kevin F., Jason K., David and Cheryl. (I’ve not given their full names for the sake of privacy). One of the students affected by the storm, as I mentioned the other day, is one of our own Morgan Countians- Andrew G. Andrew will be returning to campus today or tomorrow to help with cleanup. In his own words,

I saved my guitar, mandolin, a quilt, and a tent. That’s it.

Do pray for Andrew and the others affected.

Become an Intercessor

The Tennessee Baptist Convention is looking for people who want to pray.  Visit this webpage and sign up if you’re so inclined.

Funny Church Signs

Go here– scroll down a little till, on the left, you find ‘Multimedia’ and ‘Funny Church Signs’.  The oddest is the 5th one, which has nothing to do with anything Church related.  The 7th one is not really very appropriate- for if it really were broken the message wouldn’t be up.  I like the 9th one.  And the 10th is pretty funny too.  The 11th is bad!  The 12th is horrible.  And the 13th photo (not exactly a Church sign) is priceless.

The Latest…

Is the Commentary on Daniel-Jonah. I’m presently working on Revelation. That’s a lot of fun!


The complete list is available here.

More From Union University

Visit their recovery site here.

Union University Update

Union is going to begin cleanup today. They’ve added a slideshow of photos to their emergency web page, which you can view here. One of the boys who attended high school with Rachel attends Union and was only able to rescue his guitar. So do continue to pray for those folk- it will be a lengthy recovery.