Preparing For Revival

How can you be involved in the Revival God wishes to pour out in our town, our community, our land, and our world?  Easy.  Just do the following:


1- Humble yourself!  If you need to pray at the altar, pray at the altar.  If you need to confess a sin, confess a sin.  If you need to apologize to someone, apologize.  Humble yourself!


2- Pray!  Pray for revival.  Pray for your neighbors.  Pray for your children.  Pray for your friends.  Pray for your co-workers.  Pray for your town.  Not just about physical things but more importantly, about spiritual things.  Pray for an awakening.  Pray that people realize that they will stand before God one day.  Pray!


3- Turn from your wicked ways!  Stop doing things you know displease God!  Stop lying, cheating on your taxes, doing drugs, debasing yourself, looking at improper websites, and everything else that hinders you from being right with God!


When we show ourselves willing to do these things, God promises to send revival!  He promises the healing and restoration we need so desperately in our land.  Just read 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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Yet Again

Soon became sooner.  The latest offering is available here.


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Books Recently Published

If you are interested in acquiring recent publications by the Pastor, you can pick up the latest, Reformed Catechisms and Confessions of Faith: For the Person in the Pew


It is intended to be the companion volume of Baptist Confessions of Faith: For the Person in the Pew


For a full listing of publications, including the volumes presently available of the Commentary Series, visit here.  By the way, the latest commentary, on 2 Corinthians, is due out shortly.  In an effort to satisfy certain persons who think I should make wider announcement of these things, from hence when they appear I will mention them here.  [And you certain persons know who you are!]    😉

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Thought of the Day

Life is a leaf of paper white

Whereon each one of us may write

His word or two, and then comes night.

Greatly begin! though thou have time

But for a line, be that sublime–

Not failure, but low aim, is crime.


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The Christian Exodus

Christians are leaving the Middle East, reports Assyrian International News. In part,

Christians have lived in the Arab world for the past 2,000 years. They were there before the Muslims. Their current predicament is not the first crisis they have faced and, compared to the massacres of the past, it is certainly not the most severe in Middle Eastern Christianity. But in some countries, it could be the last one. Even the pope, in his Christmas address, mentioned the “small flock” of the faithful in the Middle East, who he said are forced to live with “little light and too much shadow,” and demanded that they be given more rights. …

There are no reliable figures on the size of Christian minorities in the Middle East. This is partly attributable to an absence of statistics, and partly to the politically charged nature of producing such statistics in the first place. Lebanon’s last census was taken 74 years ago. Saddam Hussein, a Sunni who is himself part of a minority, was fundamentally opposed to compiling denominational statistics. In Egypt the number of Christians fluctuates between five and 12 million, depending on who is counting.

Given the lack of hard numbers, demographers must rely on estimates, whereby Christians make up about 40 percent of the population in Lebanon, less than 10 percent in Egypt and Syria, two to four percent in Jordan and Iraq and less than one percent in North Africa. But the major political changes that are currently affecting the Middle East have led to shrinking Christian minorities. In East Jerusalem, where half of the population was Christian until 1948, the year of the first Arab-Israeli war, less than five percent of residents are Christian today. In neighboring Jordan, the number of Christians was reduced by half between the 1967 Six Day War and the 1990s. There were only 500,000 Christians still living in Iraq until recently, compared to 750,000 after the 1991 Gulf War. Wassim, one of the seminary students now fleeing to Kurdistan, estimates that half of those remaining Christians have emigrated since the 2003 US invasion, most of them in the last six months.

Read the entire essay. Quite eye opening indeed.

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Cartoon of the Week


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Thought of the Day

Someone once said, “I really cannot give you the formula for success. But I can give you the formula for failure. It’s this: Try to please everyone.”  This is most certainly true!  The Christian must strive to live in such a way that God is pleased, even if the entire world disapprove. 

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WATE TV 6 And An Inaccurate Report

This morning TV-6 aired a segment on the convocation of Baptists that former Presidents Carter and Clinton have announced.  There was a serious error in the report which, if you saw, needs to stand corrected.  In an attempt in that direction I have written the following note to the news room of Channel 6:

I’d like to take issue (mildly and in a friendly way!) with a report you aired this morning.  It suggested that former Presidents Clinton and Carter were calling a conference of Baptists that “may split the Southern Baptist Convention”.

I think you have seriously misunderstood the purpose of the convocation set for 2008.  It isn’t about “splitting the SBC” at all but rather about bringing together Baptists from around the country and from various theological persuasions. The purpose of the convocation is to put a better face on Baptists (which really are an amazingly diverse group) than the squabbling that the media usually presents (and that especially from Southern Baptists).

Associated Baptist Press has an accurate and fair account here: this significant comment:“Baptists from across North America will convene in Atlanta early next year to emphasize their compassion rather than the racial, theological and social conflict that has divided them for decades.”

So, your characterization (based I think on a misconception that Southern Baptists are the only Baptists) that this foreshadows a “split” needs to be corrected.

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A Celebration of Baptist History

A Celebration of Baptist History is being planned for August 1-3, 2007 in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. Check out their website and look over the program. It looks to be something quite interesting indeed. [The Pastor has been asked to participate in a panel discussion at the Conference. Exciting, huh?]

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Our Snow Policy

We NEVER cancel services.  It’s a simple policy and one quite easy to remember.  If you can safely make it out, you can be assured that someone will be at the Church at the appointed hours.


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Thought of the Day

A Scandinavian Proverb says “weeds soon choke the unused path.”

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The Remodeling Continues…

The Young Married Class remodeling project is moving along apace.  Here’s the evidence.



Word on the street is that the project will be completed by the end of the week!

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Churches Need To Be Vigilant

In Winston-Salem, NC a local church is making do after someone broke into the church.   The thieves took all the sound equipment from Cedardale Baptist Church.  It was worth three to four thousand dollars.   The pastor is continuing to hold services, he says he’ll just have to talk louder until everything can be replaced.   “You have worked to try to have things like that, to have a thief break in and take it, its heartbreaking; and its hard for a small congregation like ours to replace stuff like that,” says pastor William Bowman.

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Biblical Studies Conference

At Union University in Jackson, TN, The Ryan Center’s bi-annual conference on bible study has been set for April 27-28, 2007. The theme will be “One Bible, One Gospel: Exploring the Unity of Scripture.” The plenary speaker will be Dr. Paul House, Associate Dean and Professor of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama.  Registration will cost $45 per person ($35 for groups of 10 or more). Registration at the Ryan Center website ( has opened.

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Recommendations For The Tennessee Baptist Convention

If you go here, you can recommend people you know (who attend Tennessee Baptist Convention affiliated churches) for boards or committees.  So, take part, and recommend someone!  It’s time that Churches in Tennessee take part in the nominating process.

[And if you are so inclined, do feel free to nominate yours truly for the Historical Committee].  [But ONLY if you really, really want to!].

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And The Tree Comes Down

The Christmas decorations are coming down and below are a couple of photos of the good people who sacrified their time to make it happen.




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Thought of The Day

How would you like to spend 2 years making phone calls to people who aren’t home? Sound absurd? According to one time management study, that’s how much time the average person spends trying to return calls to people who never seem to be in. Not only that, we spend 6 months waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and another 8 months reading junk mail. These unusual statistics should cause us to do time-use evaluation. Once we recognize that simple “life maintenance” can chip away at our time in such huge blocks, we will see how vital it is that we don’t busy ourselves “in vain” (Ps 39:6).

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Sad News

Please remember the family of Willie Layne.  She passed away last evening.

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Thought of the Day

No man is qualified to become a teacher of heavenly doctrine, unless his feelings respecting it be such, that he is distressed and agonized when it is treated with contempt.  — John Calvin

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Remodeling Continues

Our contractors are working on the Young Married Class Sunday school room.  Here’s a couple of photos to show the progress of the project.  Don’t worry, they aren’t finished yet!



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