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Some Camera Fun

You can do fun things with cameras these days… Advertisements

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Turn Your Phone off, Or This May Happen to You…

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Christians in Other Countries Don’t Have it as Well as We Do

Recent research shows that … there were, on average, 270 new Christian martyrs every 24 hours over the past decade, such that “the number of martyrs [in the period 2000-2010] was approximately 1 million.” Compare this to an estimated 34,000 … Continue reading

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Praise Report

Those who have been praying for Shirley B. will be glad to know that her doctor informed her today that the growth they were examining was not cancerous.  Everything is ‘a ok’.  They have some steps to take to shrink … Continue reading

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Fake Christians: The Latest Teen Craze

This is a very unsettling CNN report.  But those of us who have seen churches pander to kids just to get them to attend know all too well that as soon as they’ve had their fill of the gifts and pizza … Continue reading

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Sound System Issues

To all those who have found the hearing devices for the sound system not functioning too well; Mick and I have discovered the problem and adjusted it so that there should be no further problems.  We’ve also checked all the … Continue reading

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Hayden’s First Birthday!

At the Petros Senior building today…

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How Did We Get the New Testament?

A Professor from New Orleans Seminary has a brief video on the subject. It’s worth watching.  On YouTube. It’s a short, basic, simple to understand overview of the work of the Center. Ideal, really, for letting lay people especially know … Continue reading

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Teens Are Flocking to A False Version of Christianity

They are, in other words, becoming servants of a god of their own construction and not the God revealed in Scripture. Why? Because they’ve been taught that God exists for them- to make them happy and give them whatever they … Continue reading

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It Was Just Yesterday That She Was Born…

And now she’s in her Senior year of High School. Pray for Amber and all of our other young people and children. Before we know it, they’ll be grown and raising families of their own.

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Something Else to Think About

“The person who loves you most will tell you the most truth. One of the greatest distinguishing marks of a false prophet is that he will always tell you what you want to hear, he will never rain on your … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Howard Hendricks once described the local church as a football game: Twenty-two people on the field, badly in need of a rest, and forty thousand in the stands, badly in need of exercise.

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Good News

Mary D.’s surgery went far better than the doctor expected. She’s better off than he thought and another surgery is now unnecessary.

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If You Missed the Sunday Evening Service…

You missed a blessing. We enjoyed special singing and our guest Preacher did a wonderful job of sharing God’s Word with us. It was a very challenging sermon. Whenever you decide to stay home (or whatever) from worship you always … Continue reading

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What Killed the Local Church Revival?

Churches, especially Baptist churches (though I’m sure others as well) seldom ever hold revival services anymore.  Revivals, when I was young, lasted 2 weeks on average.  A guest preacher would come and Monday through Friday for two weeks and twice … Continue reading

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A Letter to a Fallen Virgin

The Church Fathers sometimes wrote meritorious things.  One such was the following letter (which is longer- here’s only the conclusion) written to a girl who had plunged into immorality.  I think you’ll find it very interesting. We can escape now. … Continue reading

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When It Comes to Churches, Is Bigger Really Better?

There’s an essay in the Knoxville Examiner on the subject.

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Homecoming 2010 Photos!

Everyone had an excellent time of worship and fellowship.

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The Work Continues…

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William Willimon on Preaching

William Willimon writes The modern church has been willing to use everyone else’s language but its own. In conservative contexts, gospel speech is traded for dogmatic assertion and moralism, for self-help pyschologies and narcotic mantras. In more liberal speech, talk … Continue reading

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