Bible Study: It’s Every Christian’s Calling

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of Bible Study for the Christian life.  Study of the Bible is the fount from which springs all our knowledge of God and our understanding of his will for our lives.  Without understanding Scripture we cannot, and we will not, know what God wishes of us, requires of us, or commands us.  We will not know who we are or what our lives are about.  We will not grasp our purpose or our calling or our divinely appointed tasks.  Study of the Bible is the foundation of a well lived life of discipleship.  It cannot be done without.

Furthermore, the Bible is the source from which the Holy Spirit works in our hearts and minds.  Jesus told his disciples, ‘It’s good that I’m going away; for if I do not go away I cannot send the Spirit.  He will remind you of all that I have taught you.’   Jesus is very clear here- the purpose and work of the Holy Spirit includes reminding us what Jesus teaches us – and Jesus teaches us in and through Scripture.

But if we have no knowledge of Scripture, what exactly is it that the Spirit can remind us of?  If we don’t know Scripture, the Spirit essentially has ‘nothing to work with’ because you cannot, let me repeat, you cannot be reminded of something you have never known.

So who needs Bible Study?  Every Christian.  Without exception.  Where there is no study of Scripture there is no Christian living, no Christian life.  Remember, Paul writes to Timothy words which apply to ALL Christians and not just to Pastors and Sunday School Teachers- ‘Study to show yourself an approved workman; rightly dividing the Word of Truth’.  Where there is no study of Scripture there is no correct interpretation of Scripture.

Study the Bible!  It will do you good- and you are called to do it!


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