Why Are We Tested by God?

Wilhelm Niesel once remarked “THE fellowship which we experience with Christ through faith is not an objective permanent fact, but the gift of God which becomes a reality for us solely through the power of the Holy Spirit operative in response to our faith. We are always in danger of misunderstanding this. We are inclined to seek peace and satisfaction within ourselves instead of lifting up our hearts to the source of all life.”  He then goes on to offer this thought-  “Our faith would quickly dissolve if God did not test it by manifold trials.” (Calvin).

His meaning is clear- when we think that we ‘possess’ the gifts of God and the gift of God himself we immediately place our trust in ourselves instead of fleeing to God every moment of every day for the peace and strength only he can give.  We possess nothing.  We are either possessed be God or we are possessed by the world.  We either belong to God or we belong to the world.  So, to keep us near himself, God allows trials and tests to seep into our lives.  With every trial and with every test we are taught an invaluable lesson: God alone is our refuge and our strength.  Trials and tests teach us to depend utterly and fully on God.  For that reason they aren’t to be despised.

Draw near to God.  The more you do, the less you’ll need trials and tests to drive you to him.


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