From This Week’s Bulletin

Announcements –

In the vestibule there are copies of a ‘Read the Bible Through’ sheet. Pick one up. Read the Bible completely through in 2017. It only takes 15 minutes a day and that’s 15 minutes of time very well spent.

Welcome Randy Roper, the BEBA Director of Missions, as he brings our messages this morning and this evening and as he returns Wednesday Night to lead our Bible Study! We’re blessed to have him with us, so be in prayer for him.


The “Tator” family has a reputation for joining as many churches as possible. The following description will help you to recognize them if they start attending your church.

Hezy Tator— He’s the oldest son, and goes to college. When he’s asked to do something, he just hesitates. He feels he isn’t qualified for any job. Also, he is too busy with other things to work for the Lord.

Carmen Tator— Carmen is the daughter. She sits in the back row of Sunday school, church and training time, commenting on everything and everybody.

Speck Tator— He’s in high school. When asked to participate in programs or socials, Speck says no. He says he just spectates.

Sweet Tator— This is the only cordial and cooperative member of the Tator family. She is an ideal church member, for she takes part in and supports the whole church program, is generous with time and talents, and never dictates, hesitates, commentates or agitates. —Pastor’s Manual


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