Our Choir Director made an impassioned plea on Sunday for folk so led to come and join the Choir on Sunday night at 6 for practice.  I second her motion but I would like to expand it a bit beyond a call for participation in the Choir to a call for participation in the full life of the Church.

We’d love to have you in Sunday School.  We’d love to have you participate in Sunday evening worship.  We’d love to have you join us for mid week Bible Study.  We’d love, in short, your participation in the Church.

Why does it matter?  Because when you participate you are spiritually enriched and you spiritually enrich others, who see your interest and enthusiasm and are urged to be just as enthusiastic and interested as you are.

We don’t have choir or worship or sunday school or bible study merely because we have nothing else to do during those hours.  We have them because all of them bring us nearer to God!  Our prayer, our hope, our desire is that all of us are closer to Christ each day, each week.  Join us.  No one has ever died because they took too big a part in the life of the Church.  Many have suffered spiritually, though, because they took too little a part.


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