Why It’s Important to Heed Hebrews 10:25

23 Jun

Why It’s Important To Heed Hebrews 10:25

Woe to him that is alone. David was alone when Satan drew him to defile his neighbor’s wife.  While the sheep flock together they are safe, as being under the shepherd’s eye. But if one straggle from the rest, it is quickly a prey to the ravenous wolf.  It is no hard matter to rob that house that stands far from neighbors.  The cruel pirate Satan watches for those vessels that sail without a convoy. — George Swinnock


The apostle Paul’s favorite name for fellow believers was “brethren.” He used this term at least 60 times throughout his various epistles. Paul’s concept of the local church was a worshiping family—the family of God. Of course, we need to worship God daily in our individual devotional lives. But every believer also needs the enriching experience of worshiping and serving God with other family members on a weekly basis. Only a church of faithful worshiping members is adequately prepared to do its work and fulfill its witness in the world.  Only a Church of participants can do the work of ministry. – Anon.

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