Photos from Hong Kong and a Report on the Journey

I want to thank those who filled in for me while I was in Hong Kong for several weeks.  I was there because I was invited to teach a series of courses for the January Term at Ming Hua Theological College.  Here’s the blurb the school used to advertise the event:

Dr. James E. West joined the faculty of Ming Hua in the Autumn term of 2015 as lecturer in Biblical and Reformation Studies. He is also a Professor of Biblical Studies at the Quartz Hill School of Theology, as well as Pastor of Petros Baptist Church in Petros, Tennessee. Jim is widely recognised as a learned academic who has authored numerous books and made countless contributions to biblical dictionaries and encyclopaedias, Christian magazines, and authored many book reviews. He is currently finalising his huge project The Person in the Pew Commentary Series, which is a series of commentaries for the whole Bible.

Jim has taught our students at Ming Hua via the Global Classroom last semester. We can’t wait to meet him in person when he will begin the Ming Hua 70th anniversary J-term free lecture series. Jim will take us on a quick tour of the Bible through “The World of the Bible” talk series, and then zoom in on what the Gospels say about Jesus through “Four Gospels: Four Jesuses?”

It is a great privilege to be part of a congregation which allows me to exercise my academically oriented gifts as well as my pastoral calling.  Seldom are such Churches to be found and God has blessed me authentically and thoroughly by allowing me to serve here in Petros, and I thank him, and you all, for it.

The lecture series was well attended.  Students were eager and attentive and had really insightful questions and comments.  And, no, I do not speak any Chinese at all but thankfully all of the students have a good control of English.

Here are a small fragment of the many, many photos I took.  It was so great to be there, but it’s even greater to be home.  Thank you, again, for allowing me to fulfill my calling as Pastor and Scholar.  Enjoy the photos.


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