Also Available, a New Devotional

zwinglibullsmallAlso available from the publisher– and also discoverable by simply scrolling down the page.

Huldrych Zwingli and Heinrich Bullinger were two of the leading Reformers of the 16th Century. They are not as well or widely known as Martin Luther and John Calvin, but they had much to say to their contemporaries and they continue to have much to say today. The extended selections from Zwingli’s and Bullinger’s works serve as guides to devotional thoughts and each is followed by a brief prayer. The texts selected were chosen because of their power and spirit. They offer readers an opportunity to, metaphorically, sit with Zwingli and Bullinger at their desks and listen to them as they turn our attention towards God. But readers will also be, slowly and carefully it is hoped, introduced to the theology of Switzerland’s greatest Reformers. Step by step and day by day users of this volume will not simply be pointed to devotional thoughts, but to theological education. This book, then, has a dual purpose: to offer spiritual guidance and to offer theological instruction.


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