Maybe Christians Need a Mirror Today More Than they Need a TV

You really have to wonder, if Christian people had actually been living the gospel, worshiping the Lord, teaching their children to do the same, taken them to church (and not just sent them), been involved in prayer and bible study these last decades if our Country wouldn’t be a very different place.

But instead, Christians regularly skip worship, live for themselves, ignore the Bible, hardly ever pray except when they get sick, and don’t have time to study Scripture (because they, apparently, already know it all).

So, really, whilst so many have ignored Hebrews 10:25 (go ahead, look it up), and John 3:16, and Romans 5:10 and all the rest, should we be at all surprised that Romans 1:24-28 too is set to the side?

And do we have any right to tell the world in which we live that it should live up to God’s standards as revealed in Scripture when so few Christians do it themselves?

Maybe Christians need a mirror today more than they need a tv. Maybe they should be thinking about their own faithfulness. You know, while they’re at home Sunday.


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