Deny Yourself

The call to Christian discipleship as heard from the mouth of Jesus that we deny ourselves and take up death to self (the cross is nothing less than that) and follow him is as foreign to our culture and time as decency, morals, ethics, civility, compassion, and Christlikeness.

Even the majority of those who call themselves by that sacred name have no more interest in denying themselves as the Kardashians have in avoiding publicity.

Self denial sounds odd to the elderly, unpleasant to the middle aged, and stupid to the young. But it is the sine qua non of true Christianity. Where there is no self denial, no cross, no following Jesus there is no Christianity. There’s only the soulless hollow empty crass and profane shell of falsehood and deception.

Those who do not deny themselves and die daily to self are no more Christian than a block of wood or a cube of ice. To imagine otherwise is to embrace heresy, sin, death, the grave, and hell.


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