Richard Baxter Was an English Puritan

And he said a number of wise things.  Here are just a few:

  • Especially we must reverence the judgment of our able, faithful teachers, and not by pride set up our weaker judgment against them, and resist the truth which they deliver to us from God. Neither must we set light by the censures or admonitions of the lawful pastors of the church: when they are agreeable to the Word and judgment of God, they are very dreadful.
  • No men must be pleased by sin, nor their favour preferred before the pleasing of God. Man’s favour as against God, is to be despised, and their displeasure made light of. If doing our duty will displease them, let them be displeased; we can but pity them.
  • We must place none of our happiness in the favour or approbation of men, but account it as to ourselves to be a matter of no great moment; neither worth any great care or endeavour to obtain it, or grief for losing it. We must not only contemn it as compared to the approbation and favour of God, but we must value it but as other transitory things, in itself considered; estimating it as a means to some higher end, the service of God, and our own or other men’s greater good: and further than it conduceth to some of these, it must be almost indifferent to us what men think or say of us: and the displeasure of all men, if unjust, must be reckoned with our light afflictions.
  • One truth of God, and the smallest duty, must be preferred before the pleasing and favour of all the men in the world.
  • If ministers, or councils called General, do err and contradict the Word of God, we must do our best to discern it; and discerning it, must desert their error rather than the truth of God.
  • It is not only the approbation of the ignorant and ungodly that we must thus set light by; but even of the most learned and godly themselves, so as to bear their censures as an easy burden, when God is pleased this way to try us; and to be satisfied in God alone, and the expectation of his final judgment.

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