What Makes For a Lasting Marriage?

First, both partners need to be more selfless than selfish.  The problem with so many couples today is that one or both partners is selfish.  If both, the marriage is totally doomed and should never be entered into.  If one is selfish and one selfless, it will inevitably become so unbearable for the selfless partner that he or she leaves either in reality or emotionally.

And second, both partners need to understand the word ‘commitment’.  If they don’t, the marriage is doomed.  And, let’s all be honest, that word is scarcely known at all these days.  People aren’t committed to their families, or their jobs, or their faith, or anything else.  We live in a disposable society where everything is expendable.  Everything is trash.

And, as a consequence, people have come to be treated as trash too.

So, what makes for a lasting marriage?  Be selfless and marry someone who is selfless.  Otherwise, don’t bother- it won’t last.


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