A Frank and Forthright Denunciation of Internet Adult Material

The Sunday Times has a story that needs to be shared.  Even if it’s the tiny bit before you hit the paywall because it makes the point- porn destroys people.  It ruins lives.  It ruins families.  It ruins everything it touches.

The Church needs to stop being so shy about denouncing this filth.  Not simply because it’s immoral, but because it is destructive.  It ‘personifies’ the fact that ‘the wages of sin is death’.

Parents need to be monitoring their teen’s online life.  They need to be engaged and involved.  They need to protect their children before those children are robbed of their decency, respect for others, and respect for themselves.

Adult materials are too easily accessible and as far as I am concerned, regardless of what the Courts say, not free speech but perversion and perverse-ification.

So, parents, if the Courts won’t act to protect your children, then you must.  And you must start by being an example yourselves and refraining from the cheapening of intimacy portrayed by adult materials.  Sex is more than simply an act; it is the giving of oneself to another in the most serious form.  That’s why marriage is the only proper venue for its expression.

Young people are left too often to drift through the murky waters of their growing self understanding by parents too busy to notice that their curiosity will get them in serious trouble if not guided.

Of course I realize saying all of these things will eventually be little more than water off a duck’s back.  But 1) that doesn’t relieve me of my responsibility to say something aimed to spare our children misery and discontent and death; and 2) I care too much to keep quiet.  So I won’t.  even if it, as the old folk say, hairlips the Devil.


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