Something to Consider

19 Sep

John Gresham Machen said –

An outstanding fact of recent Church history is the appalling growth of ignorance in the Church. Various causes, no doubt, can be assigned for this lamentable development. The development is due partly to the general decline of education—at least so far as literature and history are concerned. The schools of the present day are being ruined by the absurd notion that education should follow the line of least resistance, and that something can be ‘drawn out’ of the mind before anything is put in”.

And he didn’t say it this week, even though it sounds like he did – he said it in 1923.

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One response to “Something to Consider

  1. keijo leppioja

    20 Sep 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Yes we will conside about who God is and be his mad and woman by the Holy Spirit in quard of him and confess that Jesus is Lord and our redeemer and the king of the king in blessing and in life of heaven,thanks and bless,keijo sweden


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