From This Week’s Bulletin

Be sure to come Sunday Night to join us for our (abbreviated) evening worship service and stay afterwards for our fellowship meal.

We are so pleased to have Bro Mason Goodman bringing the message Sunday morning and again that evening.  Mason served the Riverside Church in Harriman for over 30 years before retiring (but not retiring) after which he became the Director of Missions of our Association.

Please be in prayer for both the Nominating Committee and the Budget Committee as they begin the process of arranging the budget and enlisting workers for next year (beginning October 1).  And if you are asked to fill a position, please consider prayerfully doing so.

Petros-Joyner Supply Drive- If you can help, we’re looking for paper, pencils, spiral one subject notebooks, colored pencils, crayons, glue sticks, cap erasers, safety scissors, and small hand held pencil sharpeners.  Today is the end of the drive.  To all who helped, thank you!

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