Dear Parents…

May I speak to you plainly?

If you don’t love your children enough to introduce them to the importance of faith (and allowing them, naturally, to make their own decisions about God when they are old enough to), then, to be blunt, you don’t love your children.

Knowing, loving, and serving God is the most important thing a person can ever do. Running your children to every ball game, practice, outing, field trip, and birthday party in the world won’t provide them with that one essential thing, that one absolutely essential relationship.

Christian parents who have time for everything but God are setting a profoundly inappropriate example for their children. It is disheartening, saddening, and soul crushing to know so many children so excited to be in the house of God for worship and Sunday School, whose Christian parents obliterate that sensitivity and sincerity and soul-thirst for God by neglecting God and his community of faith.

When your children grow up, drift away, and find themselves in dire straits because they live lives of indifference to God, the only thing I will be able to say to you, the only words of comfort I will have to offer you are these-

I Told You So…
I Tried to Warn You…
But You Didn’t Care Enough to Listen…
And Now, You’re Simply Reaping What You’ve Sown.


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