When Christmas Falls on Sunday or Wednesday…

A couple of people have asked why we aren’t cancelling services on Wed, Dec 25. The answer is, at least for me, a simple one with two aspects. The first aspect is theological and the second aspect is practical. Hence, to me, it makes as little sense to cancel an opportunity for worship on Christmas as it would be to cancel on Easter. Christmas is, I think we can all admit, about Christ. If we make it primarily about something else, what does that say of our belief about Christ and in Christ?

And the second aspect is practical: those who wish to attend should have the opportunity to do so and those who do not wish to do so are free, as they always are, to do as they wish. No one is ever forced to worship. One and all are free to attend or not as they see fit.

That, at any rate, is my view. If someone has a Scripturally based theologically informed perspective which would lead one to abandon worship on the day we celebrate the birth of Christ, I would be very keen to hear it.


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