From the Big Emory Association Budget Team

Concerning the proposed budget for the Association for the upcoming year (including information about the Association’s relationship with the BCM at Roane State):

Big Emory Baptist Association
Budget and Finance Team Report for 2013-2014

Your Budget and Finance Team was faced with a big challenge when we met on August 14. The challenge was to develop a budget that starts the process of assuming the expenses of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) program at Roane State Community College and continuing the process of bringing our staff salaries in line with other Baptist associations in Tennessee. Please read on to learn more!

The Tennessee Baptist Convention (TBC) is in the process of turning control of community college BCM programs over to local associations. The TBC will provide financial support to help with the additional expenses of operating a center and employing a BCM Director. This coming year, the TBC will provide $9,000 to cover the building expenses and $25,000 to help with paying the Director. The help on the building will be discontinued in three years but the salary supplement will continue on into the future.

Our team was able to review the budgets of some other associations in our state. We found that the compensation we are providing to our Director of Missions is about 10% lower than what these other associations are paying their DOMs. We have a strong association and the Lord has blessed us. We are proposing a 5% increase in the compensation for our DOM and Administrative Assistant in order to move us closer to where we need to be.

What is the bottom line? In order to carry out all that I have discussed, our 2013-2014 budget will have to be increased by $8,478.34 over our present yearly budget. That is only an increase of 3.94%. Our team would ask all of our churches to consider increasing your giving to the association. Some churches have not increased their giving for many years. This is the perfect time for all of our churches to humbly examine what their part is going to be in sharing the love of Jesus Christ through our association. Funding the work of the BCM at Roane State is an essential investment into the Kingdom of God.

The proposed budget was presented as a matter of information at the Executive Board meeting on September 9. The actual vote on the budget will take place at our annual meeting on October 24 at Shiloh Baptist Church.


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