Guarding the Flock

From time to time people tell me they like Joel Osteen.  The problem, however, is that Osteen is a false teacher.

Ff you look very deeply at all into his views you discover that what he teaches is in fact a blend of new-age thought and early gnosticism (a heresy condemned by the early church).  He, cleverly, and demonically, couches it in the language of the church and consequently he deceives many.

Now, I realize that some of my friends really like him- but what you’re buying into when you buy into his views isn’t Christianity- it’s falsehood.

The devil, you’ll recall, disguises himself as an angel of light.  If you take the time, make the effort, and have the requisite theological perspective to really understand what he’s about, you’ll find that he isn’t about what you’re about.  And it’s my responsibility as a theologian, and shepherd of a flock, to guard the sheep from the wolves.  Consider yourselves warned.


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