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I am a Pastor, and Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at Quartz Hill School of Theology

A Word of Thanks to all the VBS Workers

imagesSo many people have expressed their delight with this year’s VBS!  They have told me how wonderful the teachers were and how great the music and crafts and recreation and snacks were too.  They have also told me that this was the best VBS we’ve had in years thanks to the great material and the wonderful spirit of all involved.  So thank you!

Let me thank Phyllis and her kitchen crew and Vicki and her army of crafts folk; Austinn and Zach and the other Rec workers and Christie and Andrew and the great music they taught the kids.

The teachers too deserve a special word of appreciation; so, thank you Susan and Donna and Beth and Brandon and Lisa and Amy and Doris and Steve and Loretta too.  And of course, Jack and Pat for keeping the records.

Thank you all, named and unnamed!

VBS Day Five

What a fantastic week!  Join us Sunday at 7 for commencement.

VBS Day Four

Another great night with a great bunch of kids and a great bunch of workers.  One night left and then Commencement at 7 on Sunday night.  Come, be with us.

VBS Day Three

Loads of VBS awesome tonight with things progressing well and smoothly.  It has been a great, stress free, lovely week.  We hope you can join us Thursday and Friday from 6-8:30.  The kids are having a lot of fun and learning a lot about God- and themselves.

VBS Day Two

Another great VBS with great participation and, again, the Gospel presented.  That’s what matters.

VBS Day One

We had a fantastic night tonight.  The kids were great, the workers top notch. And most importantly, the Gospel was presented.  We’d love to have you join us tomorrow night.  VBS runs 6:00 – 8:30 each weeknight.

VBS Prep

Next Week…

The bulletin will contain a list of items for the annual School Supply Drive for P-J.   If you can help out that will be great.  We will accept donations of materials through August 10.

From This Week’s Bulletin

*VBS begins Monday. Be in prayer for all involved and attending.

*We need people from each class to man the registration table from 5:30-5:55 on Monday only. Please, if someone from your class could, it would be greatly appreciated.

*Please remind students AND parents that VBS runs from 6- 8:30 each night and that next Sunday commencement will begin at 7 followed by light snacks.

*If you wish to decorate or arrange the furniture in your VBS room today, please feel free to do so. And if you need help, just let Jordan or Jim know. The rooms are as follows:

3-4 year olds- Susan B. – in Vicki’s Sunday School Room
K-Pre 1st – Donna H. – in Larry Melhorn’s SS Room
1-2 Grade- Beth F. – in her SS Room
3-4 Grade- Amy B. – Pastor’s Study
5-6 Grade – Lisa D. – The Youth Room (next to the nursery)
7-8 Grade – Loretta D. – Judy’s SS Room
Youth – Doris W. – The Blue Room
Adults – Steve F. – Steve’s SS Room

*Come, whatever your age, and join us in VBS. We have classes for every age from 3 years up. We’re trying a different schedule this year and invite your feedback at the end of the week. We’re stressing simplicity and our focus is the Gospel. The Gospel is, after all, “the power of God for salvation to all who believe.” It doesn’t need to have anything added to it to be effective.

VBS Prep

This Wednesday there will be VBS registration forms in the Children’s Class and the Youth Group class.  If your students are planning on coming to VBS, please have them fill one out and return it to the VBS Director.

There will also be forms in each Sunday School Class on Sunday so that those wishing to do so can register then.  This will, I think, save a bit of time and confusion on Monday when VBS begins.

Thanks to all helping!