On Sin: An Observation

Nothing minimalizes the seriousness of sin quite like calling a sinful act a ‘mistake’. A ‘mistake’ is typing dog when you meant to type doggie.

A sin, on the other hand, is a life destroying family ruining relationship shattering concious act of rebellion.

Sins and mistakes are as easily confused as BMW’s and paper airplanes.

From This Week’s Bulletin- and More

First, the more- please remember that this Sunday after the evening service we will have our monthly Fellowship meal.

Sunday, October 5, JOIN US FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL!  Kick off the New Church Year right!

The Deacons would like to inform you that at the next Business Meeting, on October 8th, you will be asked to approve their nomination of Greg D as a Deacon.  The vote will be taken and then – if the Church sees fit to appoint him to this extremely important office – his ordination date and time will be set soon thereafter.  The Deacons wish you to join in prayerful consideration of this action.

The Big Emory Baptist Association Annual Meeting is October 23rd from 1-5 PM.  Our Messengers are Judy L, Wilma D, Bill C, and Marilyn C.  Please remember the Association as it meets.

October 26th we will fellowship together on Old Fashioned Day!  Come that morning, bring a covered dish for lunch, and stay with us after the service for lunch together.  That night we will enjoy the Lord’s Supper together.  It will be a day of fellowship for us all.

November 27th is our Annual Community Thanksgiving Service.

Jot these events down on your calendar and be sure to make plans to invite your friends to attend.